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The South America Swine Flu Sweepstakes Update Aug 8

Here’s the updated chart, as at August 8th:

The big news is from Argentina this week, as the health ministry said there were 337 confirmed deaths from AH1N1, but another 400 deaths are suspected as being due to swine flu so that number is going to rocket and put Argentina waAAAay out in front of the world league table. Also…listen up, the ministry said there had been 762,711 cases of flu in the country since the outbreak started, with 93% of cases being AH1N1. Yes, that does say seven hundred and sixty-two thousand seven hundred and eleven. That’s around 700,000 cases of swine flu in Argentina and 1.75% of the entire population…that’s a lot.

Another snippet from the Argentine health ministry this week said 53% of death had no previous health complication (no obesity, no high blood pressure, no chronic illnesses etc), so that’s another mythbuster with three months and counting for the northern hemisphere winter.

Meanwhile, deaths in Brazil have shot past Chile’s total and into second place at 132, mostly reported in the cities of San Pablo (50), Paraná (25) and Rio de Janeiro (19).

Chile’s fatalities break into three figures, with 12,030 registered cases.

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