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The South America Swine Flu Sweepstakes Update, August 15

Here’s the fatalities chart as at the date:

Argentina still has plenty plenty to add to that total and is now closing in on the official world topspot (the USA has 447 though that won’t last long once winter hits up North).

But this week Brazil is the big story. Its fatalities number has shot from the low 100s to over 300 in the space of a week, with 63 deaths registered in the last 24 hours (for example). There’s some serious infecting going on right now in the big cities and general southern region and Brazil is catching Argentina fast. Of course there’s the question of population size (there are 5X more Brazilians than Argentinians) but all the same the recent fast upmove will be cause for real concern chez Lula.

I’ve left Uruguay in 5th because it’s lagging on official figures and trying to play dumb with its own people…dat be stoopid of dem. Peru’s HealthMin says the worst of the problem is over…yeah right. In general, those countries coming to the end of their winters have had it much rougher than the tropical zones. I presume it’s cold where you live in December….am I right?

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