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The South America Swine Flu Sweepstakes Update July 18

Here’s the updated chart:

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Chile breaks the 10,000 barrier. Nobody’s really sure how many cases there are in Argentina, but the official number is 3,056 as at July 13th so we’re going with that even though it’s almost certainly way more. Peru now has 2,503 cases and 12 deaths, which is an infection-to-death ratio about 10X lower than the fatties in Argentina with 155 dead.

Paraguay and Uruguay are fudging their numbers. Uruguay has 19 dead but won’t say how many confirmed cases there are, only saying there are “40 outbreaks”, many in schools. President Tabaré Vasquez last night appealed for calm. Paraguay with 8 dead says there are only 164 confirmed cases but also 1,728 suspected cases. As so often, the truth lies somewhere in between.

I made a mistake in the last update and said that every single South American state now has a fatality. Reader ‘S’ pointed out to me that Venezuela has missed the bullet so far. Let it stay that way. So anyhow, as countries down this way are beginning to count fatalities more accurately than infection cases here’s a new chart:

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It’s pretty clear that the southern cone is being affected far more than the tropical North of the continent, so watch out northern hemisphere…your winter will come.

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