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The state of Brent Cook

Most of you are probably too embarrassed to say anything, a few of you might mention in passing that Brent Cook “has had a rough pandemic” and leave it at that. Unfortunately, IKN is not bound by the normal rules of human etiquette and says things out loud. Seriously, have you seen the state of Brent Cook? He appeared as a moderator during the Beaver Creek sessions yesterday and my stars, what a downhill run he’s been on! Massive weight gain, unkempt long straggly hair, no strength to his voice at all, a Gandalf gone wrong. I had problems concentrating on the presentations after seeing how he’s gone to seed in the Covid-19 year, he makes Rick Rule look young.

Doesn’t the man have any friends? None of you have intervened? Honestly, if that’s a superstar figurehead for exploration geology we should all be embarrassed, not just Beaver Creek for hiring him and using that image to sell the sector.


    this made me smile/laugh….
    “IKN is not bound by the normal rules of human etiquette and says things out loud”


    “we fat ourselves for maggots. Your fat king and your lean beggar is but variable service—two dishes, but to one table. “


    Mark you are not one to be commenting on being fat with long hair, your appearance and demeanor are far from ideal. If this is all you have left in you, put the pen down, you’re only embarrassing yourself.


    I went up to say hi to him and make a bit of small talk as I’d not seen him in years. He was pretty rude for no good reason. So the answer to your question about to whether or not he has friends is, probably not if that is how he treats people.


    commenting on looks when oneself has amphibian ones is rather rich , buy a mirror , stick to commenting stocks not looks


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