Take physic, pomp

The #StuckInPeru whining gringos still think Covid-19 is all about them them them

These people make me annoyed, to say the least:

To clarify:
The state of emergency quarantine is 15 days. We are on day 10. There is obvious talk of the quarantine being extended and President Vizcarra today said they’ll make a decision tomorrow Thursday. I fully expect the quarantine to be extended (best guess, by 5 day or 1 week increments then “let’s see”).
Only out one hour a day is 45 minutes more than the average Peruvian.
That “threatened with 10 years prison” is uber-snowflake. From 8pm to 5am Peru goes under curfew and anyone caught outside is arrested, no questions asked. Eventual charges can carry a maximum prison sentence of ten years. 
You should not put pressure on the British government for these people. You should put pressure on these people to STFU for the sake of the sanity of the British government. Explained all this last week, here. And while this young lady bleats, her Foreign Office is scrambling to deal with the case of a British national now in intensive care in Arequipa, South Peru, with suspected Covid-19 but nobody knows for sure because they have just become the umpteenth city in provincial Peru to have run out of test kits.

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