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The Summit of the Americas

So the big hoopla SotA is up and running and Obama-centric with a large side order of Cuba, spicy sauce by Chávez and etc etc snark.

Go find comments somewhere else. I’m not doing any coverage on it and there are a thousand blogs wringing their collective cyberhands over it all. Most are crap, but check out boz cos he does a pretty good job on this kind of thing normally and even if he hasn’t updated has one of those interactive realtime bloglists on the RHS so you can see what the self-justifying academic pseudointellectuals that seem to hang around boz think.

The only real thing I have to say about the SotA is this.

UPDATE: Boz just left this comment in the bit below this post that you can’t see on the main page. Worthy of pasting here to see what he says about Admiral Stavridis. My only thought about Boz’s view on Stavridis is that it’s sad that the Southcom commander is a noteworthy exception and not the rule.

Boz: Thanks. I like that quote, by the way. The person who is really good at acknowledging that thought is Southcom’s commander, Admiral Stavridis. He goes out of his way to use the term “America” properly, warns people in the US government against ever using the term “backyard,” and I’ve heard him give a number of speeches that he ends with “God bless the Americas.” It’s actually fairly impressive the effort he makes.

At some point next week I hope to cover the non-Obama, non-Cuba news that comes out of the Summit. There’s plenty of interesting other bilateral and multilateral topics going on at the Summit that have nothing to do with the US or the other high-profile debates. I just need to search deep in the regional media coverage to find it. God forbid the media try to cover more than one or two topics at once.


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