More matter with less art

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

reverse order (and the first edition of 2019, Christmas period was too light to fight):
Third Place: “That Stockwatch piece on Palisade. Good to see more corners of the interwebnetpipes shining light on this company, a purveyor of finest snake oil. Be in no doubt, if a company hires them they are either plug dumb stupid, or in cahoots with this shell game.

Second Place: “The BCSC is not the solution for Canada’s capital markets, it is part of the problem. A shame on Canada and the single most effective enabler of white collar crime in the country.

First Place: Pretium (PVG) is an illegal, fraudulent operation…, that made it to #1 on its own steam and also via getting linked in this later post, a development that clearly implies PVG knows full well that illegal fraudulent activities are going on within its walls. However once again the cry goes out, where are the regulatory authorities?

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