More matter with less art

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

….in reverse order:

Third Place: “Gold’s counterparty risk doesn’t show up very often, but when it does it’s impressive. Pretty popular considering it only went up yesterday.

Second Place: “Kinross head office employee contracted Covid-19 at PDAC. After this post went up I was reliably told that K tried to soft-deny, only to come clean in an NR the next day. A small lesson for other companies there, this is not the time to revert to and opaque corporate mentality.

First Place: “Crash. Posted Wednesday before the worst of the selling, I’m still happy about its call to make sure everything is clean, invest in quality, do not panic, have patience, wait it out because things will be better soon. Applies to your stock portfolio and to Covid-19.

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