More matter with less art

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order:
Third Place: “The GDX, the gold miners and the price of gold. A Garofalo-inspired rant. Or more accurately, a rant about the way a mediocre stuffed suit can torpedo your own mining company positions even when your not long his company (a very deliberate decision) thanks to the inconnectedness of the GDX and a person who has been promoted way beyond his abilities.

Second Place: “The reason why M&A in the gold mining sector has only just begun (from IKN491). An op-ed that got decent mailbag reaction (thanks for that).
First Place: Ari Sussman’s disguised insider sales UPDATED“. IKN would like to thank Ari Sussman for providing the update on this post, one that wouldn’t even have made the top ten without his help, let alone be #1. And please pay attention to the words Ari wrote, including, “…I have never been involved in any sort of underhanded scheme (nor do I have any idea how to do such a thing)…”, because come November will have plenty of evidence of his underhand ways.

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