Every why hath a wherefore

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order:
Third Place: “GLD inventories are telling us something.
It was tight for the bronze medal position, this post sneaked it by precisely two views over the 4th and five from the 5th. GLD is an interesting way to hack into trader sentiment for gold. And gold needs traders.

Second Place: “Integra Resources (ITR.v): Interesting intel UPDATED. IKN got the real dope, stock rallies, hits follow. Normal.
First Place: Bunker Hill Mining (BNKR.cse): The Bobby Genovese scam collapses“. This won by a mile, mainly because a whole bunch of UK visitors to the blog showed up because the UK listed Hummingbird (HUM.L) was stupid enough to fall for Bobby G’s spiel.

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