idle and fond bondage

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

….in reverse order:

Third Place:IKN welcomes the Eric Sprott Covid-19 Truther Brigade.
It is quite pleasant to note this is the only place where that virus’s name appears in the top three. Nothing else about this sordid tale of recklesslies and bullshit is, however.

Second Place: “The disgusting Crestview Exploration (CRS.cse) pump: Would the real James Campbell please stand up?. The supposed “James Campbell”? Look not further than a company insider, and while you’re at it look how insistent Anon is on the sell.

First Place: Fission Uranium (FCU.to) death rattle. It won the hit count by a nautical mile. And ohhh Dev, the mails I’ve received. You wouldn’t believ…well come to think of it, you would. Anyway, keep tuning in now, yeah?

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