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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

….in reverse order:

Third Place: Eric Sprott thinks the Covid-19 virus is man-made”. It is long past time that the old white dumbfucks who have found a level of success in the mining industry shut the fuck up about any other world issue or subject. In my teen years we used to laugh about football players pontificating about politics and justice issues in their post-match interviews, you idiots are taking the game to another level. First we get Mickey Fulp telling us between arrogant sneers that Covid-19 is just the flu. Now we have Eric Sprott OMO (Our Malignant Overlord) pretending that “he’s read all the literature” and that “Covid-19 is definitely man-made”. You are a stupid tosser Eric and not only that you are an obvious liar, because it is plain to anyone who spends more than five minutes in the arena that you have not read even a small percentage of the material. Read this Eric, a link to one of dozens for real information on Covid-19, not delusional fantasies. What’s more, you have deliberately avoided all the serious academia in order to focus on utter wank goldbug conspiracy theories without a single shred of truth or evidence to back them up.

By the way, Eric, when the vaccine shows up it will be on the back of the work done by real doctors using the baseline information found in my above link. You might believe the tooth fairy brings the recipe for vaccines, however.

Eric Sprott, you need to take time out to apologize for your reckless and dangerous stupidity in the public arena and do it as soon as possible. No point asking Fulp, way too much of an asshole.

Second Place: “We Need #Masks4All, an important video on Covid-19 prevention. By far the most important IKN post of the week, only went up yesterday and already at number 2 no the hitlist. This is good. It will be even better when people are masked up.

First Place: History will remember the 2020 PDAC Committee. It certainly will.

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