Every why hath a wherefore

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order:
Third Place: “Peru Presidential election: Final week voter intention polling says Keiko and PPK into the run-off“, which may turn out to be a headline too soon. Or may not. What we do know is that since then the situation has become very fluid and plenty of Peru political insiders are calling lefty Veronika Mendoza to pip PPK to the coveted second spot. We’ll find out first preliminary numbers around 9pm Sunday evening Peru time.
Second Place: “Regarding Dynasty Metals & Mining (DMM.to) debt and misconceptions (a rant) (from IKN360), which is pleasing. I got some nice mail feedback from this one too.
First Place: Three of the 15 stocks Porter Stansberry is pumping (maybe four…or now more). This one won the count by a mile. Trust me on this one, the whole mine stocks commentary community is abuzz with this promotion with people pro/contra about what’s going on, but only a tiny few are talking about it in public because the pissant tipsters are insanely jealous of Porter’s heft and reach. And yes I am one of the pissants, but no I’m not jealous, just highly amused.
I’ll give Porter Stansberry credit too, he sure knows how to run one of these and makes the rest look like pikers. More information on the details (eg. we’re up to seven names) and some of the interesting background to this whole pumpo in this weekend’s edition of The IKN Weekly, subbers. It may stink to high heaven but hey….it’s capitalism, baby.

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