Take physic, pomp

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order:
Third Place: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….No. The whole dog and pony circus show is of zero interest and if fame were the spur you’d have found me on the “mining circuit” years ago. The whole strutting and preening gig is of zero interest and fame is not the spur behind IKN. Neither is money the spur so if I work out one day why I spend so much of my time writing this humble corner of cyberspace I’ll tell you. 
Second Place: “What Clive did. The details on one part of the week’s most viewed post below. As a certain fund manager noted in their mail to me yesterday (and yeah, I’ve had a ton of feedback on this affair), “Thank you for bringing the truth to light. It is a sad state of affairs with regard to corporate governance in Canada that this man is still running a company with these numerous shenanigans“. If it were the first time The Clive has put on one of his “evening shows” you could let it pass but it’s not, it’s one of umpteen and it’s high time the board of B2Gold did something proactive about their company’ obvious weakness. If it were me I’d start with an official warning.
First Place: The BMO Conference Fight Night: Clive Johnson vs Andrew Kaip, plus undercard of Keith Neumeyer vs John Burzynski. Here’s another reason why the conference scene has no appeal, as it’s been obvious over the years that you, audience and potential audience of IKN, are far more interested in the salacious gossip posts that the ones with something useful to say about the mining industry. Yeah I’m talking to you, all you people who turn your noses up at the Celeb Gossip cable TV shows and what the Kardashians are doing this week, your snobbery isn’t just a pain in the ass, it’s hypocritical too. Given you the chance to read on some peer’s faux pas, you’re over at IKN in the thousands.  In other words yeah, this was the most visited single post on IKN this week and by a country mile. It’ll probably be next week’s most visited post, too.

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