Take physic, pomp

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in, reverse order:
Third Place: “Quebec geologists prohibit innovationwhich gained viewer numbers that could win in another week. Apparently this post caused a minor ruckus up where they eat poutine pizzas and things. Tabarnac!
Second Place: “Your Sprott/Stansberry Natural Resources Symposium Bingo Card“, which was one of those silly posts with an idea prompted by A.N. Other and then an angle which came to mind. I like the occasional sillyposts as they tend to take very little time to put together and some of them take off and get popular. Like this one.
First Place: Latest from Argentina elections voter intention polls“. And this is interesting. Firstly because Andy Tow’s work in Argentina deserves as many eyeballs as it can gather. Secondly because I’d already run several voter intention polls on the October Argentina election but none of them got much traction. So here we are with just a couple of weeks to go before the big-indicator PASO vote and suddenly the rest of the world is starting to care. And it should, because this election isn’t just important for Argentina, it’s the key political directional vote for the whole South American region. 

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