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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order:
Third Place: “And on the subject of complete assholes…“. Only in Canada are complete jerk offs put in charge of public listed companies like this. Unqualified to do anything except talk crap in a chatroom, Allan Barry gets moved from paid-for IR promo bullshitter to CEO because the people in charge (and still truly in charge) of this lithium scam stock Alset didn’t have anyone else with the same Allan Barry combo of zero self-esteem and desperation for salary cheques to ask. If you really want to know why your capital markets are turning into a world-scale joke, Canada, take a look at ION.v.

Second Place: “When your post-tax IRR is 153%…, that commented on Mariana Resources’ (MARL) impressive first pass PEA at the Hot Maden project in Turkey.

First Place: The Otto Rock Fan Club which was less of a single post and more of a series, but as that was the first post it got the highest hit count. It got followed by Part Two here, in which I stated for the record that Olyeller’s accusations against me were totally fabricated and utter lies. Up to that point, he decided to ignore me. Then came the note addressed to the poster himself who apparently thought people are anonymous on the internet (oh the naivety) but when he found out the opposite was true, his attitude suddenly changed (quel surprise), which led to the final post here in which Olyeller, after facing the cruel reality of a libel suit that could have ruined him backtracked on everything he said, retracted and apologized, thereby revealing himself as a liar. A repentant liar, but a liar all the same.
The thing with blowhard internet trolls and bullies is they think they can say and do anything, that there’s no push-back and no bill to pay later. That may be true with other people, but this bully Olyeller picked on the wrong guy this time. The person behind the handle Olyeller has learned a lesson and fortunately for him (because I decided to be nice and offer an easy way out) all it cost was a chunk of his overblown ego. The rest of you actual and potential trolls spouting stupidities over the interwebnetpipes, I’d quietly suggest you take a moment and reflect on such things. Next time other people may not be as nice as lil ol me.

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