Take physic, pomp

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order:
Third Place: “The Friday OT: Leonard Cohen; Hallelujah. Though under rather sad circumstances, this fulfills a long-held ambition of mine, to get a Friday OT post into the top three of the week. They’ve got close on a couple of occasions in the past, this week it happened. Good to know there’s so much feeling and good will about the great man.

Second Place: “Capstone Mining (CS.to) and “Zero Cost” collars. This one got popular due to timing, I think. As in supremely bad timing by Darren Pylot, good timing to get the post out just minutes after the Capstone dumbassery was announced.

First Place: Minera IRL: It’s deja vu all over again, a post that was followed up by two other posts on the same subject on Friday and yesterday Saturday, here and here. I wondered whether this post would get as many hit as the series last year, because it was kind of in the cards that the world was already bored stiff by this never-ending soap opera of corporate comedy. But here I am, standing surprised, it won the hit count by a pretty wide margin.

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