Win us with honest trifles

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order and in a slightly different format for one week only:
Third Place: “Mr. Prospector. Alex Black is back.

Second Place: “Global Mining Observer interviews David Garofalo of Goldcorp (GG)., pointing the way to GMO’s excellent interview with Goldcorp’s head honcho.

First Place: “The Trio Of Daniel Ameduri Posts”. It started with this very short one during the week, “Scumbag Frank Giustra just played Daniel Ameduri for the greenhorn patsy he is“, then we went to this one on Friday, “You have to have a serious coke habit…” as a further tease of the story, then on Saturday IKN relented and spilled beans in this one, Daniel Ameduri’s stupidity and that’s the one that matters in this trio. These were by far the most hit posts of the week, collectively and individually. You all seem to want dirt on Ameduri, Giustra and Giustra’s seedy band of market rip-off merchants. Funny dat…

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