To quit this horrid act

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order:
Third Place: “The Denver 2016 names. I promise you that it didn’t occur to me at the time and that I wasn’t fishing, but in hindsight listing the names of the 160 mining companies attending the Denver Gold Show 2016 was always going to be clickbait, wasn’t it? Live n learn…

Second Place: “Silver One (SVE.v) and its chairman, Luke Norman. Oh I’m glad about that, thank you for making this one a highly hit missive, Luke Norman and his nefarious ways need as much light shone upon them as possible. It also shows DF the calibre of people with whom FF is happy to do business.
First Place: Kerrisdale shorts First Majestic (AG) (FR.to), the one that linked to the Kerrisdale report, but to be fair to myself (for a change) you also need to read the follow-up post on the subject that came the day after, “The US Jerbs report shows why Kerrisdale Capital is plain stupid to short First Majestic (AG) (FR.to)“, as it says this Kerrisdale dude is way wrong to short FR.to no matter what I might think of the stock in question or its main man’s poor understanding of the silver market. 
There are always stocks in the market that can be called long recos, there are often a smattering of obvious short ideas too but the vast majority of stocks at any given times come under the category “avoid”. First Majestic is one of those, it’s definitely not a short and I definitely won’t be taking any math lessons from the cokehead running Kerrisdale Capital and though cokehead is bad enough DUI is a hundred times worse, it’s like waving a loaded weapon around in public. Jail this snot-rag please.

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