Take physic, pomp

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are…

…in reverse order:

Third Place: “Silver Bear (SBR.to) mailbag. This one, plus the “death spiral” update the next day, is an example of why I like writing on this weird platform even after all these years. There’s a new crop of neophytes coming into the sector right now and posts like this one can help the smarter ones learn how to avoid the sharks (and thank you once again reader ‘W’ for the nudge). As for the less sharp in the new pack, well it’s like newborn turtles flapping across the sands towards the sea for the first time…they’ll find friends waiting for them at CEO.ca…

Second Place: “Excellon Resources (EXN.to): IKN spies report to IKN Nerve Centre that...”. This may have been a minor reason for the move in EXN last week. The major reason was, of course, the Eric Sprott pumperooney
First Place: Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to) in IKN432. Real content tend to be more popular  than the wafer-thin ranty crap that makes up 90% of this blog. It’s the way things should be.

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