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The U2 survey results

On Sunday (and I’m still not quite sure why) IKN asked the following question:


As we got to 200 answers this afternoon (201 to be exact) the poll is now closed and here are the results:

Some notes:

  • 27 of you (13%) said that they still don’t suck. You’re wrong. They do.
  • 26 of you said after the first tranche of records (Boy/War/UF). In fact they didn’t suck to begin with, so you’re all wrong too. 
  • The most popular answer was “After Joshua Tree” and I’d agree they sucked a bit then, but some of tracks were still good and they were doing original things with the music, even if the lyrics grate like nails down a blackboard. So, 37% of you are also wrong.
  • Meanwhile, 12% plumped for the post Zoo Tour period. Sorry people, they sucked way before then, you’re wrong.
  • Which leaves us with “After Achtung Baby” and 47 of you (well, 46 and me) all chose the right answer. You all rule. Because it’s my blog, get your own if you don’t like it. We win. Ha.

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