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The Unasur commission into the Pando Massacre has started to make its findings known

Leopoldo Fernandez is the Pando prefect now under arrest awaiting trial. Note the two overriding colours
of his Bolivian supporters; white (skin) and green (separatist flag)

Rodolfo Mattarollo is the Argentine lawyer who headed up the Unasur fact-finding commission in Pando, charged with investigating what exactly happened on September 11th this year (sidebar..what is it with that date?).

Here’s the link to a report by Argentina’s Pagina 12 newspaper about the advance presentation Mattarollo made to dignitaries yesterday. I’ve translated the first part below, but quite honestly I don’t feel like translating any more. Read for yourself and find why. You can always run the link through Google translator if you Spanish isn’t up to scratch and you want to read the whole article.

The ex-president of the Bolivian senate, opposition politician José Villavicencio, walked past the camera shouting, “If Evo wants blood, he’ll have blood.” Meanwhile in the background a mob ran towards a group of indigenous people. The images pass as if in a documentary, while the auditorium in the Argentina Chancellory watches in absolute silence. An indigenous woman tells of the Pando massacre looking directly into the camera.

With tears in her eyes, she remembered how a group of “men from the city” burned alive one of her colleagues last September 11th. Next to the burned body, the woman’s baby was crying hysterically, she narrated. Enboldened by the wails and discontrol, they picked the baby up by the legs and shook it and, as it wouldn’t stop crying, shot it in the head.

continues here

Meanwhile, check out the racist taunts that indigenous Bolivians suffered in Washingtion DC this week in this post at Down South. These racist scum are the people that the WaPo innocently calls “opposition activists”. What you just read above is the type of action they support.

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