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The Vancouver promotion community LIX Frank’s ass

Here at IKN we’re going to have a lot of fun watching the promo pump roll out on LithiumX (LIX.v), the BS pump vehicle sat on a very iffy lithium asset that’s being run by Frank Giustra. It started last week with that Keith Schaefer “sponsored coverage” (translation: He got paid to write a pump) and now that Frank Giustra spent most of last week wining and dining the brokerage and newsletter whores, including flying them all into the project on his private jet, this week’s looking to become a real hoot.
Let’s be clear: LIX doesn’t stand a chance of becoming the world’s next supplier of lithium and once the pump runs out of steam it’s gong to be a classic short opportunity, but first we get to see how far these whores can pump it up. Ah, just like the old days, en Tommy?

And while we’re here, let’s review the Vancouver promoter’s business model:

1) Speak in glowing terms of moose pasture properties run by scam management teams
2) Watch as retail investors pile in, rub hands with glee.
3) Continue watching as reality bites, investors lose all their cash, the scumballs close up shop and run away.
4) Happily promote another moose pasture.
5) Wonder why nobody believes you any more and calls you a bunch of lying shitbags in public.

UPDATE: Reader A.N. Other mails in and comments:

Thanks a bunch for  calling out LIX.  It is such a transparent, cynical,
craven Howe street fleecing it just chokes me.  It reminds me of the
Grade 3 smart guys cleaning the Grade 1 kids out of Beatle cards when I
was in school.

That’s spot on.

UPDATE 2 Friday: This LIX pump is already falling flat.

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