Take physic, pomp

The Washington Post, winner of this week’s coveted award

Today the WaPo runs this story about how China is taking over the world blah blah etc etc nothing much new, but the make-shit-up factor is strong, like garlic and mouldy French cheese kinda strong. Here’s the point where this humble scribe learned something new:

“China’s investments are also booming elsewhere — from Peru, where one-third of the minerals sector is in Chinese hands, to Japan, where Chinese mergers and acquisitions quadrupled from 2008 to 2009.”

Cue Owly:

ONE THIRD!!! Are they mad? I mean really, spend about four minutes on the interwebnetpipes and do some fact checking, please…the word is Google, be not afraid. When it comes to exported product alone the number is less than 15%, but saying that the whole minerals sector is 33% Chinese is a joke worth telling to Xstrata, Grupo Mexico, BHP, Anglo, Barrick, Freeport, Gold Fields, Buenaventura, Volcan the thousands of small mining companies and my stars I could continue all morning on this one.

And so John Pomfret, staff writer at the Washington Post and utter dumbass on LatAm trying to make himself sound wise, you win this week’s coveted award that you can share with your equally dumbassed sub-ed if you like. Basic law of journalism: Don’t write crap cos nobody will ever believe a word you say on anything. Here you go dude, enjoy:

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