Take physic, pomp

The world according to the goldbug newsletter writer, updated crisis edition


Event Analysis Effect recommendation
Dow under 8,000 Had to happen; crooks getting justice people need the safe haven of gold BUY GOLD!
Rebound in Dow the plan is working, the economy is safe expansion of economy will help gold BUY GOLD!
DEFLATION! things getting cheaper people have more money left over to spend on gold BUY GOLD!
INFLATION! things will be more expensive tomorrow people will rush to spend their money on gold BUY GOLD!
oil now cheap great news at the pumps people have more money left over to spend on gold BUY GOLD!
oil on the rise at long last! commodity reflation the whole commodity sector is sure to follow BUY GOLD!
uneconomic mines closing down great news! Supply is crimping less gold coming to market BUY GOLD!
mines stay on schedule for opening excellent! Lots of industry confidence mine managers know the real story here BUY GOLD!
US Congress bails out Detroit smart move; US gov’t assures employment Wealth for all is the only way BUY GOLD!
US Congress lets Detroit fall smart move; spend more on productive sectors the US sees reality at last. Real market forces to rule BUY GOLD!

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