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The world’s biggest copper producer: Codelco vs Freeport

I am asked to adjudicate, it’s an easy one:
This is the last five years of annual production at the big two (BHP does less, around the 3.3Bn Lbs level) according to the two company websites and please note the cut down Y-axis, done not to fool you but to show the differences more clearly. I choose five years because it cancels out any influence from the 2008/2009 financial crisis and also cancels out any influence from when FCX was Phelps Dodge and Freeport and McMoran and things. And we need to know the story now, not back then. So…
  • Codelco beat out Freeport (FCX) in four of the last five years and has produced a total of 20.01Bn lbs copper in the period. 
  • Freeport beat out Codelco in one of the last five years and has produced a total of 19.41Bn lbs copper in the period.
And 600m Lbs Cu is a lot of Cu. Codelco is the biggest. The End. Reader BH, you owe reader SH a beer.

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