Take physic, pomp

The WSJ, Micheletti and a girl with a machete

Fake usurper person Micheletti got himself on the op-ed pages of the WSJ this morning, making his case as to why it was legal to pull all the illegal stunts he pulled on his elected president.

I was going to do a rundown of just how silly his argument is but have been busy with non-internetwebpipes things today and didn’t get round to it. But now there’s no need for this humble corner of cyberspace to lift nary a finger, as Machetera has chopped the arrogance into a thousand tiny pieces and pulled back the curtain to reveal the true truth of it all. Far better than anything this blog could ever have done, here’s the Machetera link so go see for yourself this object lesson in demolishing an argument with pzazz, charm and wit.

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