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The Year-To-Date Small Silver Sweepstakes: Update

Here’s the second installment, first was on October 23rd here.

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After we ran it last time, I was asked by a reader to add Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v) to the list cos said reader had done well on the stock this year. Yup can do, and BCM grabs 2nd place right off the bat. If there are any other suggestions for the next time we run this chart, just drop me a mail…happy to oblige (as long as the miner fits the category).

Leader for the prize is now Endeavour Silver (EDR.to) which has had a fine November so far. You go girl. GPR.to and FVI.v are up there battling hard. Coming up the rear (if you’ll pardon the expression) is MAG Silver (MAG.to) and, of course, the dog of them all ECU Silver (ECU.to), though even that scam stock has managed to get into a YTD net positive situation thanks to the recent hysteria. It won’t last.

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