Take physic, pomp

There’s always a bright side

At least I can concentrate on my work now.

Congratulations to Germany, who played quite superbly today. A well-deserved victory.

UPDATE: Just to share the very brief mail exchange this humble scribe had with his equally sad Argentine bestpal this evening (translated). Neither of us were in any mood for long mails:

Otto: Maradona’s luck ran out. Germany far superior, and its defence shut down everything. It was like the defence of an NBA basketball team

Otto’s pal: We were overwhelmed. No complaints. Tactics beat technique. Tevez and Messi bouncing off six defenders time and time again. There’s no surprise. Germany were very practical, great defence and counter-attack. It’s sad that football is going this way. In 20 years time, will football be like American Football or The Beautiful Game? We, the lovers of the beautiful game, are left we only Spain. It was hard for them against Paraguay but in the end the result was fair. I hope they go on to win it.

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