More matter with less art

Things currently making me laugh in my pathetic little life woefully dominated by half-assed junior mining companies

Iwnattos does Andy Bell of BNN. Bless em both!
Word reaches these shores that IKN need not worry about any stuffy legal letter from Stikeman Elliot regarding that Prophecy Coal (PCY.to) whistleblower post the other day. That’s because Stikeman Elliot has resigned as lawyer to PCY.to. As your humble scribe’s contact pointed out, normally legal firms adore this kind of junior because they’re a never-ending source of fees, so to have the lawyers walk away from the junior rather than vice versa is…well let’s just call it “a tell” and be done.
Gold Resource Corp (GORO) has lost its CFO. For personal reasons, begad. Yup, I’m still short.
VancVenture on Lowell Copper (JDL.v) and the way it’s been trading recently. It’s either been a long time since that boot-licking sector schmoozer Humphreys pumped this to a naive world (by getting a interview with the man who’d rather not be interviewed but as he heads up a new junior he had to bite the bullet just once so made it the dude who only throws sycophantic puffball Qs rather than anyone real) or it just feels like a long time.
Iwnattos also does Dominic Frisby’s gold charts. This is pretty good, and Iwnattos doesn’t even swear once, either. SFW!

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