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Things you cannot say to South Americans

A little list; all facts, all taboo:

  • You cannot tell an Argentine that other countries use “vos” as well.
  • You cannot tell a Colombian that their country exports all its nationally grown coffee and that they’re probably drinking Brazilian or Peruvian beans.
  • You cannot tell a Uruguayan that Argentine parrillas are better than theirs.
  • You cannot tell a Peruvian that Chilean pisco is a pleasant drink.
  • You cannot tell a Chilean that their country is no better (or worse) than any other country in South America. In fact, just mentioning that it’s part of South America doesn’t go down so very well.
  • You cannot tell a Brazilian that Sao Paulo really sucks as a place to live (you have to wait until they tell you, then nod your head in silent and contemplative agreement).
  • You cannot tell a Venezuelan that paying pennies for fuel is not a good idea for the country.
  • You cannot tell an Ecuadorian that their version of ceviche sucks.
  • You cannot tell a Bolivian that not having a coastline is no big deal.

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