Querid@s camaradas,
Imperialism has once again found new allies and methods to try to subvert democracy in Latin America. Help us fight back against the human rights challenged Honduran coup government and their big money apoligists in one of two ways. Or both (C’mon it can’t just be 3 dodgy Central Americans and a professor at the protest, people)
Obviously, everyone would sooo love to tell Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter & Associates in person what they think of their acceptance of $300,000 worth of blood-stained greenbacks in order to help the golpistas de mierda (coup government) sabotage negotiations and pathetically try to maintain their illegal reign through repression and fantasyland propaganda. But hey, maybe you can’t make it to the protest because you are detained without charge in an Honduran prison, or because of “work” or some unhealthy fear of the “spooks”. If so, we will not doubt your revolutionary zeal THIS TIME, but only if you sign on to the email;) Use your real name. Or not. Whatever works for you. Or else the terrorists win: http://www.SOAW.org/clsa
To summarize, if you are a:
1) Gold star super duper avenger of all that is just and beautiful:
Protest Monday Oct. 19th at 12:30, offices of the mercenaries w/ the impossible names, near Dupont Circle, 1850 M Street NW
2) Bronze medal “I don’t ever want to have to say ‘Micheletti’ again, but believe it or not I have full-time employment and/or am lazy” freedom defender:
Online Action : Now, tomorrow, next week, very late at night in the hope that their email accounts and blackberries are synced.
Which is extremely common within the douchebag community, so . . .

¿Quién dijo miedo? Aquí nadie se rinde! El pueblo hondureño y sus aliados en pie de lucha!