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This blog is a US election-free zone

As you can see in the top-right hand corner of the blog homepage*, as from today we have an official house position at this humble corner of cyberspace. Taking into consideration that…
  • From now until November, the race between Clinton and Trump is going to get louder by the week.
  • You can get any amount of information on the election from millions of other places.
  • Even though the US Presidential election is arguably the most important democratic vote in the world and its outcome indirectly affects most of the planet, your author is not a citizen of the United States of America and as such has no valid, direct opinion.
  • I’m stupid enough about most of the things on which I rant, there’s no need to add an extra layer of ignorance to the blog.
  • The whole charade is beginning to bore me and although I do care to a certain extent about its outcome, I’m forced to admit that I really don’t care as much as I should.
…as from this date to the close of voting, IKN will not offer any sort of political opinion on the race to be the next President of the USA. It would be greatly appreciated if this fact were taken into account by those people with the urge to write into IKN Nerve Centre between now and November. Thank you for your comprehension, kind reader.

*the small minority of people who don’t visit IKN using a cellphone

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