Take physic, pomp

This Caldas Gold deal has so many angles the brain starts closing down…

….and starts blurting out bullet point notes instead of decent and proper prose. Caldas Gold was spun out of Gran Colombia in February. Fino gets $4m change of control. Frank Giustra supplies the corporate jet (they will stay in Cartagena). Where is Bri-Bri and why did Juny only get one mention right at the end? The Marmato project being presented to the world as a done deal. Colombia is presented as a good place to go mining. Ian Telfer reverts to type. Daniela Cambone’s future divorce.

And, of course, the absolute shame Brent Cook must feel. But what you really need to know about Caldas Gold is the amount of illegal activity that goes on around it, all Vancouver based and involving the high level, famous names of the city’s mining industry. Also, that they are operating in total impunity, so the fact that Ross Beaty and Frank Giustra are behind this scam means it will be successful. For them at least but hey, I don’t give a fig about Wide Boy Beaty and Wide Boy Franky, they are irrelevant people. Far worse is to watch what was once a force for good in this industry, Daniela Cambone, show definitive proof she’s been led astray by that band of depraved wretches. A plague o’ both your houses.

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    Horatio Nelson Just off the coast of Spain 26/11/20 2:22 pm

    Funny how the same names keep popping up…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium_One_controversy


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