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This is what comes of not being in APRA

Only one of these is now in doggy heaven

About 2,500 posts ago in May 2008 IKN reported on Miro Ruiz, an opposition member of congress in Peru who decided it was ok the shoot dogs with an unlicenced Browning point two two. The dog in question, a family pet Schnautzer named Matias, was caught in Ruiz’s back yard worrying his chickens or ducks or something and the next thing heard was bang bang bang.

Ruiz denied everything at the time, then later fessed up and admitted shooting the hound. However, he got into schtuk because he had no licence for the weapon even though he’d bought it a year previously (he claimed not to know that a gun needed to be under permit…dat one wuz funneh). But now he’s really in the schtuk because yesterday the Peruvian Supreme Court has lifted his parliamentary immunity on the case, ruling that there’s nothing that could be construed as political about the illegal ownership of a really heavy duty firearm. Ruiz is now just one step away from a criminal prosecution that is good for at least one year’s jailtime (and up to 15 if things go really badly in front of the beak).

Would he be facing slamtime if he were an APRA congressman? Gimme a break, those Twobreakfasts guys get away with all the crime all the time. No, Ruiz is a Humala party member and as such in problems. Moral of the story; don’t kill pet dogs.

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