Take physic, pomp

This week’s edition of The IKN Weekly

IKN76 is out on Sunday October 17th and will include:

  • An in-depth report on our brand new buy recommendation that went out this week (as promised)
  • A fundamentals update on results from the stock we re-entered this week (we got results to catch up on)
  • A look at Fortuna Silver’s (FVI.to) results (note to haters: do yourself a favour and don’t attack me for recommending a stock that’s up 300% in less than a year and a half…you start to look very silly by doing so).
  • Thoughts on a couple of real tiny minnow stocks that the higher-risk profiles might find interesting (though they’re not going to get a formal reco nor my money, whuss that I am)

Those as well as the usual range of news and views on the LatAm region, checking the pulse of the other stocks we follow and like, comments pending from company CEOs, etc etc. The blog is Yin, the The IKN Weekly is the Yang where all the positive stuff goes on and people get moneymaking ideas.

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