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The Friday OT: Richard Strauss; Also Sprach Zarathustra (Op.30)

You’ll know the first two minutes, guaranteed.

Now’s the opportunity to hear the whole of Richard Strauss’s tone poem with the famous opening, it’s a real treat and the power ebbs and surges though the whole piece. And fwiw, after checking out two or three versions and trying hard to avoid him, yes indeed it’s a HvK Berliner Philharmonic version. He’s getting on at this stage (the YouTube poster thinks it’s from 1983) but it’s still tough to beat him on this one. YouTube here.


    Mike Lovely West Vancouver 06/06/22 7:32 pm

    So few comments on your posts these days. A bit surprising considering the number of site visits you must get. Some of your comments are interesting news. Some are gossip. Some are your insights which are totally unavailable, at least to me, into companies and countries. You provide a great service to those of us who invest in the junior resource sector.

    Thank you.

    And the Friday OT is wonderful. Every week.


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