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Those lazy cocaine trafficking Bolivians deserve to lose their trade deals

When the USA rescinded Bolivia’s inclusion in its ATPDEA trade deals tied to the control of narcotrafficking in the region, it tried to make out that it was because Bolivia hadn’t done enough to stop the drugs trade inside its borders. It was total BS of course, as the US was really pissed about how Dr. Morales threw out their ambassador before he had time to finish the coup plans, but…hey…splitting hairs, right?

Anyway, back to the official reasoning. In the announcement, White House voice Dana Perino said that if Bolivia “improves its performance” the USA could re-establish its ATPDEA benefits program.

This is what Bolivia’s anti-narco police force FELCN (Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Narcotráfico) has done this year:

  • Confiscated 28 metric tonnes of Cocaine and Cocaine paste. This is around 28% the volume of the estimated 100MT of cocaine produced in the country and compares with the 32MT seized in Peru, a country with two and a half times Bolivia’s production volume.
  • Carried out 10,340 anti narco operations. Do the math, that’s 28 ops per day.
  • Destroyed seven crystallization factories.
  • Destroyed four recycling factories.
  • Destroyed 4,744 factories making cocaine paste.
  • Destroyed 7,248 coca leaf maceration centres.
  • Arrested 3,413 people, comprising of 3,180 Bolivians and 233 foreign nationals.
The USA sez: Must try harder, little brown people.

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