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Three of the 15 stocks Porter Stansberry is pumping (maybe four…or now more)

Porter Stansberry is pushing hard at the suckers, with his new $1,500 service* that gives out 15 names for greenhorns to buy. So far I’ve nailed down three, maybe four. Interested in hearing your views if you have others names on the list identified, nice and pretty IKN audience:
  • Almaden Minerals (AMM.to) (AAU)
  • Brazil Resources (BRI.v)
  • Midas Gold (MAX.to)
The possible to join those three is Pan American Silver (PAA.to) (PAAS).
Undoubtedly, Porter’s picked BRI.v to give Casey and Marin a liquidity event in which to dump their positions before the dog implodes. And for what it’s worth, I actually think he’s right about AMM.to, it’s just that people are now paying way too much for this paper as its only exit strategy is to sell to a larger miner and nobody’s going to pay a premium on top of this new market cap. The others, who knows…

UPDATE:  Try this scenario out for size…

1) Porter is now in cahoots with Paulson
2) Porter pumps MAX.to, Paulson gets a 58c (and counting) print on his $55m worth of 35c convertibles on MAX
3) They all live happily ever after.

So if you want to know which world famous hedge fund manager rang our scammu little retail pumper and then met with him in New York for Kobe beef and carrots, while talking book on gold and gold miners, take a deep breath and think who might fit the bill….

UPDATE 2: Other suggestions as pumped names so far are Yamana (AUY), NovaGold (NG) and New Gold (NGD). All reasonably logical and have shown strength these last two days. However and same as PAAS, these aren’t thinly traded explorecos being manipulated for the direct benefit of Porter’s pals.

UPDATE 3: Add Newmarket Gold (NMI.to) to the list of suspects. Readers are smarter than I am.

*servicing his back pocket very nicely

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