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Three things about Garibaldi Resources (GGI.v)

In light of today’s NR out of Garibaldi Resources (GGI.v), with another set of drill assays featuring mineralization occasionally and lightly touched by metallic elements, let us think back and draw conclusions that may improve GGI bagholders’ chances of trading a profit come their next foray into the wild and whacky world of junior explorecos:

Where on this chart did your pay-to-play corrupt NLW pump this dog to you? Think back, become a better trader.
  1. The most important, therefore it goes in capitals so that even the knuckledraggers who still rah-rah this company might understand: THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO MADE MONEY ON THIS STOCK SOLD EARLY. Well, apart from Regoci and the other highly salaried inner circle, they stick around for the monthly paychecks.
  2. Impressive how little mention is made on social media channels of the name Dr. Peter Lightfoot these days, is it not? Oh wowsers, you sycophantic idiots would make sure his full name made every third line of the balderdash and blather upon which you wasted your bandwidth and money.
  3. The covidiot Eric Sprott does not have the first clue about anything, except timing of gold bullion prices. Trusting his word on nickel, geology, Covid-19 or anything outside of his savant level ability on one specific subject matter is like trusting your dentist on stocks. A prime example is in that five year chart above, as he was the first in line when the only people who made a profit on this scam were selling. For more details, see point one.


    Luc Falun Mine 30/12/20 11:34 am

    Unrelated, but this humble lurker of your cyberpalace still remembers your great call back in Sept/Oct about gold not going back above 2000 before 2021, and you also took some flak for that from the comments. Now with 2020 hindsight this humble lurker can finally better understand the factors behind that. And thank you too for all the scams you’ve been exposing (and free of charge).


    Good ole otto casting stones from his ivory tower somewhere out there, swimming naked as the tide rises , with nary a pot to piss in


      You came all the way over here to advertise how much of a loser you are. You help the rest of us, no need to listen to you any longer.


    Otto, thank you for the most entertaining, likely accurate description of reality in the junior mining world. I play in gold jrs, Cdn except for SGI, Superior in Aussiland, which I actually started to look at after you mentioned it, and have learned some lessons the hard way, with others I’m sure still to learn.
    All the best for 2021

    Tom California 02/01/21 8:00 pm

    Otto, thanks for keeping us grounded.


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