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Tinka Resources (TK.v) drill holes (updated)

52m of 10% Zn and 15m of 20% should make for interesting trading action today.

Yes, that’s an understatement. How did you know?

UPDATE: I’m receiving mails so just to clear this up, once and for all. The IKN Weekly reco’d Tinka Resources (TK.v) in April 2016 when it was a 14.5c stock.
I didn’t get any at that price personally because it popped hard the next day, but did start buying then and eventually built a full position at a cost average of 19.5c. We then had to wait all 2016 for something to happen, it was pretty frustrating to see it flatline while other Zn plays moved up. But patience pays its own dividends, or as Jesse Livermore wrote, “Be right, sit tight”.
The stock is now a totally different proposition. It has mojo and volume, plus guaranteed newsflow in 2017 on a star-in-making property, so even though I’m a mile up on the position there will be no selling here, not even a partial sale to lock in profits. Plenty more to come from Tinka Resources, be clear.

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