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Tinka Resources (TK.v): Updating on the brand new silver exploreco

Do you too remember that fateful day, September 9th 2020, when Tinka Resources (TK.v) decided to forget about multiple years of development work at Ayawilca and announced that it now wants to be a cool and fashionable silver miner? Let’s see how the company has been getting on since then, shall we?

The stock is down exactly 10% since the close of September 9th, 2020. That’s the reaction IKN expected, but this desk can only assume the wannabe rockstar, fashion-chasing, shareholder money-wasting, international jet-set playboy of the mining world, Graham Carman, was expecting something different. After all, it only takes one look at the TK news page on its website…

…to realize this dumb effort to chase Eric Covidiot Sprott’s silver ambulance is the only thing the man has done all year.


    It’s down 10% since september 9th and that means what, precisely? silver is down 10% in that same period. And zinc (which they cite as the primary metal – not silver ambulance or whatever) is also down.

    This guy steal your girlfriend or something? Man, you’re bad at this.


      Stephen, please, give me a break. All I have in my bitter and twisted life is this backwater blog on which I indulge in my only remaining pleasure, spewing my hatred and bile to the internet and wider world. Pathetic though it might be, would you truly deny me my last pleasure in life, sir? I beg of you, think twice.


    I know very little of this stock, I bought it about a year ago at 20 cents cuz pamplona trader recommended it. Methinks it’s time to flip trade it and make it pay for bloody once.

    Tim My AA Zoom meeting 06/10/20 10:44 am

    Shame how this one has panned out. A classic case of exploration geo’s having no clue what to do with a significant find. Met Graham once and sold my holdings the next day. Spot on with VZLA, or is that VSLA? also. I cringe everytime they use the term “discovery” in their releases. Talk about reeling in the dumb money.


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