Take physic, pomp

to clear some things up

Of all continued bile and stupidity received from KRY longs today over this note published Friday, there was one mail that passed the barriers of acceptability. This from “Tom F”:
I can’t find a thing to confirm this. Can you help? Don’t mean to make you mad but is this for real? If it is I am sorry for doubting you. But for sake of your creditabilty you better figure out a way to confirm your report. Thanks, Tom

So let’s confirm three things

1. Surprisingly the word “creditability” is now recognized in some American English dictionaries, which just makes me reflect on the continued bastardization of the English language.

2. I can “confirm this” report. It is real. Thanks for asking. But funnily enough, all those headless chickens that have been getting themselves into a froth about the previous post on Venezuela didn’t bother to try and “confirm this” themselves. According to the author of the note he has had just one person asking him to verify. DYODD.

3. Getting a warning on credibility from a KRY long is like getting a ticking off about human rights from Augusto Pinochet.

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