To quit this horrid act

To clear up the IKN position on Continental Gold (CNL.to)

As today’s news from CNL has woken the subject up again and mails from non-subscribers are beginning to come in (two so far, time to nip in the bud) I’d like to make it clear, once and for all, that I fully believe Continental Gold (CNL.to) will get its environmental impact permit (EIA) awarded in 4q16, or 1q17 at the latest. And as subscribers know, that’s the reason I’ve been long the stock since May this year and with a cost average purchase of $2.68. 
However the above doesn’t change my views on Mr. Ari Sussman, a person who should have been locked up in jail many years ago. It’s just capitalism, it’s nothing personal.

UPDATE: No more mails please, as the sense of entitlement now being displayed by the mouthbreather end of blog readers is deeply impressive. Oh noes! Otto told his paying subscribers about a winning trade without mentioning it here! Poor little blog reader missed out, oooh that nasty Otto person! Mailers on this subject are hereby referred to the reply given in the case of Arkell versus Pressdram.

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