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To clear up the Kirkland Lake (KGI.to) mystery…

…of why George Ogilvie “was resigned” by Eric Sprott and Tony Makuch poached from Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to) to take over, it’s really pretty straightfoward. Eric wants KGI to buy Wesdome (WDO.to), Ogilvie refused to play ball, Eric got Makuch in to execute the plan. It’s not a question of whether KGI buys WDO, it’s when. And by the way, I called buy on the stock last Wednesday in a Flash update for subscribers and in IKN371 out last Sunday explained all the backstory. So yeah, I’m long WDO.
The problem with this kind of thing is that the Canadian brokerage world are all knowledge-is-power and want to keep info of this type away from us retail grunts. As a result, they get mightily pissed with this humble corner of cyberspace for blurting out the truth. There are plenty of people in the upper echelons of the Canada Mining World who know all the above and have already positioned (note the way WDO.to has traded against KGI.to in the last five days for an example), but they don’t like it when their dirty little secrets are washed in public before the fact because perhaps one of these fine days, when the BCSC and IIROC finally grow a pair, the regulatory authorities might look at their trading patterns, see how they profit from all this illegal inside information and throw the lot of them in jail for a while. Well, they probably won’t because the Canadian authorities are and will forever be a bunch of paid-off whusses, but there’s no harm in living in hope.

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