Win us with honest trifles

To make the world a better place

The thing I do is try to recognize my own failings, of which I have many. I don’t see them all, some are easier to keep in focus, others show up in glimpses every so often, surely others still get missed completely. With that in place I try not to pass on those failings to the two small human beings under my charge. The hope is that somewhere down the line those two small humans will be large humans, be a little less screwed up than me, and be able to filter out a few more of the negatives as they look after their own small humans.
A personal side benefit is that along the way, every so often, I notice that the act of trying to stop infecting the two small human beings with the negative things has helped me stop manifesting them as well. But that’s a minor thing, as my true objective is to make humans a better species and stop future generations from self-destructing. Because without humans on the planet, the world truly would be a better place. And we humans don’t want that.

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