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Today in Pucallpa, Peru (don’t open if you want good news)

Further to yesterday’s post, this report from Peru breakfast TV this morning shows the state of affairs in the jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru:
  • Complete collapse of all city hospitals
  • Not enough coffins for bodies, funeral parlours out of stock
  • Bodies not picked up by families and abandoned in hospitals
  • Deaths in the street, plus during filming of the report they tell of the 34th (and counting) coffin left outside a residential house for authorities to collect and give a respectful burial
  • Bodies being embalmed in the street (no other room left)
  • In hospital, zero oxygen tanks available for critical cases has caused more fatalities 
  • Dead bodies left beside other patients for hours on end in wards, due to lack of personnel and morgue space
Also, this report from Pucallpa yesterday evening explains how a police officer suffering from suspected Covid-19 arrived at a hospital in the back of a mototaxi (tuk-tuk) complaining of not being able to breathe. He was reportedly left outside the hospital unattended for one and a half hours, at which point he died in-situ (report has photo).

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