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Today you can watch Argentina being financially raped in real time

I know this isn’t the most popular subject on IKN, but I have a freakin’ bee in my bonnet about it at the moment and today you can actually watch in real time as the “friendly, loving and caring industrialized North” systematically rapes Argentina and takes its money away. Forever. And not coming back.
What is being done to Argentina’s people right now (not its rich privileged few, who are sponsoring this madness) is sickening and everything that’s wrong with the nasty end of capitalism. This is rich people feeding at the trough of quasi-free dollars and leaving nothing for anyone else. The above pattern will go on and on and on until there’s nothing left, at which point those incredibly annoying “Don’t Cry For Me” headlines will appear in your bizmedia of choice.

UPDATE: And this from President Macri this morning takes the cake. When asked about the Dollar/Peso situation he replied, “No pasa nada. No pasa nada, tranquilos”. No need for me to translated the words of that scoundrel, I believe.

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