untune that string and hark

Today’s is the most interesting “New Regulus” (REG.v) trading to date

What with the new group behind it now identified, plus a professional marketing push in the works at last (l’heure amateur c’est fini), today’s trading in REG is by far the most interesting of the 2.0 re-vamp:
A dozen times in the past the promo ended and the selling immediately banged the stock back down, but this time there was real money waiting in the wings for the sellers. In less than an hour, REG was sold down to $1.32 but this time money bought it back up 10% and that’s what’s known as a line in the sand, a statement of intent. What remains to be seen is the depth of the new cash.
Full disclosure: No position. Allez au boulot!

UPDATE: Put two and two together = Financing coming up very soon. Or four, of course.

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