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Today’s mailbag: Me and Bobby G

This post done with screenshots.
Your humble scribe happened to check the IKN back office today and came across this mail address as the newest member of the illustrious IKN Daily Digest e-mail service:
Which was fairly interesting, considering the recent coverage on Bobby Genovese and his currently hatching scam Jemi Fibre (JFI.v). However I only gave it perhaps a 50/50 chance of being legit and from the man himself so there was only one thing for it: Send a mail the address in question.

A short while later, this came back:
And that caused guffaws and chortles at IKN Nerve Centre™, of that you can be sure. So rather than phone (or miss an opportunity), I sent this back:
To which no reply yet, but the night is young the moon is out and we remain in lusty hope. Though maybe Bobby noticed my grammar mistake and decided I was unworthy of further attention, which would only be fair I suppose. By the way Bobby, just in case you haven’t worked it out already, this post does indeed mean that we’re not going to be able to “find a way to work together” you scumbag fuckwit.

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